A Whole New World

  This year I have the opportunity to change to teaching fifth grade. What a jump. I did not realize how broad the major “Elementary Education” can be. Teaching fifth graders is definitely a whole new world. And I absolutely love this new world. Let me just share a few things that I absolutely love … [Read more…]

10 Things I’d Rather Do than Grade Papers

Grading is the worst. Seriously. People considering teaching as a future career: this is your warning. Whether it’s essays, penmanship, research projects, or just simple quizzes and tests, here are a few things I’d rather do than grade papers. 1 Sit in traffic 2 Walk in late and be stared at 3 Burpees 4 Wake … [Read more…]

A Heart for Haiti, A Heart for Home

This past summer I had one of the greatest experiences any American could ever have. I went on a missions trip to Haiti. How does this have anything at all to do with teaching? I’m getting there. Just bear with me. The thing about missions trips is that you go on them expecting to change the … [Read more…]

Savoring Summer

Walking through Target today, I saw the thing that every teacher both hates and loves to see this time of year. The Back to School Section. It’s mid-July, and we’re about to begin another crazy ride. For me, it’s only my second year teaching, so while I’m very excited to get back into the swing … [Read more…]

A Funtastic Friday Field Trip

I must say when it came time to plan our spring field trip and it was my turn, I was scared. Thousands of thoughts ran through this teacher’s mind as she started planning: Where should we go? Why is everything so far from our school? Why are there so many things on this checklist? How … [Read more…]

Can You Feel the Love Today?

Here’s a little recap of our Valentine’s Day adventures. Due to missions conference at school, snow days, and an all around weird schedule, our Valentine’s party was postponed probably a little too far, but any time really is a good time to share love with each other in class. (Just a side note: if students … [Read more…]