A Whole New World

  This year I have the opportunity to change to teaching fifth grade. What a jump. I did not realize how broad the major “Elementary Education” can be. Teaching fifth graders is definitely a whole new world. And I absolutely love this new world. Let me just share a few things that I absolutely love … [Read more…]

A Funtastic Friday Field Trip

I must say when it came time to plan our spring field trip and it was my turn, I was scared. Thousands of thoughts ran through this teacher’s mind as she started planning: Where should we go? Why is everything so far from our school? Why are there so many things on this checklist? How … [Read more…]

Time Management for Teachers

Perhaps one of the greatest struggles for a first year teacher is figuring out how to accomplish everything in the time you’ve been given. Let’s face it: that’s not just a first year teacher struggle. That’s an every day life struggle. We all know how to waste time without ever being taught how.¬†How can you … [Read more…]