A Whole New World

  This year I have the opportunity to change to teaching fifth grade. What a jump. I did not realize how broad the major “Elementary Education” can be. Teaching fifth graders is definitely a whole new world. And I absolutely love this new world. Let me just share a few things that I absolutely love … [Read more…]

A Heart for Haiti, A Heart for Home

This past summer I had one of the greatest experiences any American could ever have. I went on a missions trip to Haiti. How does this have anything at all to do with teaching? I’m getting there. Just bear with me. The thing about missions trips is that you go on them expecting to change the … [Read more…]

Time Management for Teachers

Perhaps one of the greatest struggles for a first year teacher is figuring out how to accomplish everything in the time you’ve been given. Let’s face it: that’s not just a first year teacher struggle. That’s an every day life struggle. We all know how to waste time without ever being taught how. How can you … [Read more…]

Programs and Projects

Friday night, I experienced my first Christmas program as a teacher. (To tell you the truth, they’re definitely more enjoyable as a teacher than as a high school student.) Basically, it was glorified babysitting, but it was well worth the time spent practicing. The parents absolutely loved watching their little ones march up the stairs, … [Read more…]

Little Moments Big Memories

Do you remember your very first day of school? You know the one where you were so proud to walk in the doors with your new backpack, lunchbox, and clothes. The one where the teacher smiled at you and said, “Hello (insert name here)! I’m so excited to have you in my class this year!” … [Read more…]