Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

I’m from Georgia. We hear the word snow, and everybody goes running to the store. Really. It’s true. Just check out the weather and Facebook posts from this weekend, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But in Tennessee, my snow days so far have been a little more significant. And I absolutely love it! … [Read more…]

There’s an App for That

If there’s something they don’t teach you in college concerning teaching, it’s about how to communicate with parents. This can certainly be stressful and you can set yourself up for disaster if you’re not careful. I am in no way claiming perfection for this topic. I just want to share an app that has been … [Read more…]

“Oh deer! Winter is here!”

Little did I know that this theme would so well describe how I feel about indoor recess. 20 people. Confined space. Have been in said confined space since 7:30 am. Some earlier. And it is currently 35 degrees outside. It feels like 26 degrees. No outdoor recess for us. Oh dear. Winter is here. Thankfully, … [Read more…]

Bulletin Board Blues

It’s a new season so that means that it’s your favorite thing to do in the class room: change the bulletin board! Yay! Okay. That probably wasn’t your reaction. It was probably something more like this: Ugh. Most teachers see redecorating bulletin boards as a burden rather than a blessing. Well, I have a few … [Read more…]