Can You Feel the Love Today?

Here’s a little recap of our Valentine’s Day adventures. Due to missions conference at school, snow days, and an all around weird schedule, our Valentine’s party was postponed probably a little too far, but any time really is a good time to share love with each other in class. (Just a side note: if students … [Read more…]

Time Management for Teachers

Perhaps one of the greatest struggles for a first year teacher is figuring out how to accomplish everything in the time you’ve been given. Let’s face it: that’s not just a first year teacher struggle. That’s an every day life struggle. We all know how to waste time without ever being taught how. How can you … [Read more…]

100 Days Smarter

The most recent exciting second grade adventure was the celebration of the 100th day of school! We may have done it just a few days early, but there are always inevitable schedule changes with everything that goes on at school including snow days. (By the way, this teacher is not-so-secretly hopeful for another one tomorrow. … [Read more…]