Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

I’m from Georgia. We hear the word snow, and everybody goes running to the store. Really. It’s true. Just check out the weather and Facebook posts from this weekend, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

But in Tennessee, my snow days so far have been a little more significant. And I absolutely love it! My poor roommate told me I was like a little kid because I was so excited. I guess that’s what happens when this is the most snow you’ve seen in your life, and you spend all day with second graders.

So this was the first round of snow days for the year and from what I’m told sometimes they even come in March. So what on earth does a teacher find for herself to do on a snow day? Oh, where do I even begin?

  • Fix your lesson plans. Make sure you get back on schedule. And then, put it away! Moving on.
  • Read a book. For Fun! Because you can. Seriously. If you enjoy reading or some other hobby, take it up and enjoy it while you have the time. Chances are you can’t go anywhere, so take advantage of the down time.
  • Sleep in. Because you can. Because you probably don’t even realize how tired you are. Because you need rest. Enjoy the time to just relax.
  • Workout. This is the time to let that New Years Resolution not be a complete fail. If you have a treadmill, hit the treadmill. If not, find a YouTube video! There are tons of great workouts and fitness websites. Plus, you’ll feel better instead of lying around and eating all day.

    Do you wanna build a snowman?

  • Try a new recipe. I love cooking and baking, so this was the perfect time to hit up Pinterest and try some new recipes. Thankfully, I already had the ingredients on hand. Check out these cheesecake filled baked apples and this chocolate chip banana bread.
  • Tackle the project you’ve been putting off. Even though you may not want to do anything at all, you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment when you finish that task you’ve put off since, oh, you know, the beginning of school. (I can now say “hello” to organized clothes and a clean closet!) The feeling of getting something like that out of the way is pure joy.
  • Play in the snow! Yes, actually go outside. Brave the cold.Build a snow man. Take pictures. Your kids will love to see them when you get back.

Those are just a few of the things I did for my snow days. I’m am currently sitting here on my fourth one. I hope you will revel in yours as much as I am in mine. What does a snow day line up look like for you?

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