Thoughts for Thursday: It’s a Bug’s Life

This week’s reactions probably aren’t too far off from your reactions. Or my sister’s. But she may kill me if I tell you any of those stories.

This week’s thoughts for Thursday: What do you think when you see a bug?

I feel bad. I want to run away from them.

I do not like bugs because avey time I see one it sars me!!! (Interpretation: scares me!!!)

I feel like a bug. (Ummm. Okay?)

I will investigate it. enjoy it. (Check out that spelling!)

I would keep it as a pet and die. (The pet?)

If I saw a bug I would crush it (Can you relate?)

Well I well screem to deth

I feel great.

I feel scared!

I feel Asam wen I see a bug (Interpretation: Awesome)

I would kill it. (The practical one)

I feel good

I do not now

I feel sqishee when I see a bug

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