Thoughts for Thursday: Presidential Candidates

With Presidents’ Day and all of the upcoming elections, this question just seemed appropriate: If you were president for a day, what would you do?

Maybe we should just elect one of my students.

Not do any setwork, homework, or mathwork all day.

I would prertet every one. (Interpretation: protect)

get money for my church.

I woood make everyone keep a bunny toy and the song wood be; come on lets go little bunnys pink, blue, white, and purple. and I wood alou everyone wood have a pony.

I would let them eat all they want and let them play all day.

If I was the president for a day, I would say that you can go swimming any time. I would like being president.

I would let the children go to shcool and all day I would let them play.

I would make every one to go to the playground.

I would do my best as a president.

I would tell all the people to go to a Christrin church and worship God.

Call my soldiers to war. An we well go to china.

I would tell people what to do.

I would tell people what to do like you sit ovre there Like that it would be a lot fun thank you Mrs Davis

And a few of my personal favorites: 

Bottom Right (In case you can’t read it): ask people questions like (what is your name).


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