Can You Feel the Love Today?

Valentine Candy, Hearts, Conversation, Sweet, HolidayHere’s a little recap of our Valentine’s Day adventures. Due to missions conference at school, snow days, and an all around weird schedule, our Valentine’s party was postponed probably a little too far, but any time really is a good time to share love with each other in class.

(Just a side note: if students know they are loved, they will love school. How do you show your students that you love them? Maybe we can explore those ideas in a later post.)

Valentine’s parties will probably be different in future years with my class. This year was fine, but I think we could do a little more to make it more memorable. We started with pizza. Can you really call it a party without pizza? It’s a favorite for almost everyone. And it can have all the necessary food groups, right? (There’s the hope for healthiness…that might be misplaced.) After pizza, we went outside to play. You can’t let second graders miss recess time. They need that little break just as much as you do.

Llama Love

Llama Love

When we came back in, we watched Horton Hears a Who (another favorite for my students) and had some more treats that the parents sent in. During this time, the students had a brown plastic bag on their desk. They had decorated it for their valentines earlier in the morning. I let a couple students at a time pass out their valentines. (Check out the picture for one of my personal favorites!)

I also made a rule of not eating any of that candy until they got home. They had had plenty of sugar already. We finished up with board games that the students had brought in.

Overall, this party was simple and enjoyable. I think most of the students would agree any afternoon with no academics and play time instead is a fun one. Next year, maybe we can ramp it up a little. Do you have any fun party suggestions?

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