Thoughts for Thursday: Awesome Autobiographies

Because we just started our reading contest, this posed the question: If you had to write a book about yourself, what would the title be? Why?

My students prove once again that kids have huge imaginations. Give them a little room to be creative and they’ll run with it! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Maybe they’ll inspire the title for your autobiography.

  1. If I write a book the title be kebbelekop. why because he is a Awesome kop!
  2. The ice cream shop I went to the icecream shop for some valla and chaclite then I went home! because I like icecream
  3. My Title would be All about Evelyn. Because It said to write about me!
  4. farm because I like dogs cows
  5. I am Peter I live in 1716
  6. The Title will be Grace You’re the car why because it is fun to riding in the car
  7. My life Because I had a wonderful life.
  8. All About Me
  9. My adventure
  10. it would be Princess Maddie. because its abot a princess called Maddie
  11. The Great Super hero. because I want to be a super hero.
  12. Princess Riley and the kitten because I like the title.

And of course, a few of my favorites:

Creativity and Honesty in a Nutshell

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