Thoughts for Thursday: Happiness is…

Often Thursdays are one of the longest days of the week. It’s not Friday. It seems like this pointless day that’s just keeping you from getting to the weekend. Well, enough of the negativity!

Today’s thoughts for Thursday brings you these kids’ definitions of happiness. I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these. The question is “What makes you extremely happy?”

I get happy when mom buys me toys

100 toys and bed and car

When I help people

Going on a vacation!!!!!!!

That every day God is with us on earth!

A new student is comeing in 2nd grade and a party like my party in summer

When I get a toy and candy

To see Lexe and Ragan

It is candy. (I see a common theme here. Beware of the sugar crash.)

God makes me happy.

Wen my Mommy or daddy say were going to the beach I get really hipper. (Translation: hyper)

And perhaps my favorite of all:


Keep that perspective today. Don’t worry. Be happy! 🙂

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