A Funtastic Friday Field Trip

I must say when it came time to plan our spring field trip and it was my turn, I was scared. Thousands of thoughts ran through this teacher’s mind as she started planning:124

Where should we go?

Why is everything so far from our school?

Why are there so many things on this checklist?

How can I find something that’s fun and affordable?

What if the kids hate it?

Who’s going to drive the bus?

How are we ever going to survive this day?


A116nd that’s only a sample list. I could go on, but I’ll spare you seeing all the fears of a first time field trip planner.


Thankfully, as I said above, I was provided a field trip checklist. This was such a huge help! (Side note: my supervisors and administrators are great! I’m blessed to work for them.) So I was able to get everything together pretty easily after I found the place.

113The Adventure Science Center was recommended by a friend, and I could not be more thankful because everyone loved it. Students, parents, and teachers! Also, let me give a big shout-out to our parents. We had so many go with us and help us and we didn’t have any major problems. It was inexpensive and the activities were seemingly endless. Here are just a few of the fun favorites the students got to do:

  • Skywalk – a black room with tons of stars153
  • Fighting the germs – it’s like a healthy target practice
  • Help the blood flow – set up arteries, veins, platelets, etc. No worries. It was water.
  • Making music – hear the inside of a guitar and step on a piano
  • Moonwalk – it’s like experiencing the lack of gravity on the moon
  • Parachute race – pull the ropes to make the parachute drop from
    the top 129115
  • Scoring soccer goals – seeing the physics of a ball kicked

There was so much more! Overall, as long as the place stays this way, this trip will become a yearly tradition. I can’t wait to take another group next year.

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