Savoring Summer

Walking through Target today, I saw the thing that every teacher both hates and loves to see this time of year.

The Back to School Section.

It’s mid-July, and we’re about to begin another crazy ride. For me, it’s only my second year teaching, so while I’m very excited to get back into the swing of things, I’d also like to savor these last few weeks of sunshine. How do I plan to do that? Here are just a few ways to savor those last few summer moments:

  1. Read. So far this summer I’ve read 3 or 4 solid books. They were those just for fun reads that I miss out on during the school summer. Even though my reading list is about 3 miles long, I’ll try to get in a few more before summer is over.Pool
  2. Swim. Or just sit by the pool, tan, and read (see number 1).

    There’s nothing like having a nice, cool spot to catch the rays. Plus, it’s nice to go back to school with a tan because there’s no way you’re going to keep it once August starts.

  3. Travel. Weekend, day trip, or week long vacation – it’s really up to you! Get away one last time.
  4. Socialize. Get together with your friends. Spend extra time with your family. Have a girls’ night out. Once school starts, you’re going to want to do nothing on your free evenings except maybe the next one on this list.
  5. Sleep. Don’t set an alarm. Enjoy it. (But also don’t waste the day.) 5:00 am mornings are coming soon.
  6. Organize. Whether it’s your room, closet, or files on your computer, I’m sure there’s something that’s been neglected. The closet is on my list of rooms to tackle.
  7. Prepare. Yes, today I bought some things for my classroom. It was a little sad, but also exciting. This second year teacher has a lot to improve on from last year. Preparing better is one of the ways.

Alright, friends, there you have it! How do you plan to spend your last few weeks of summer?

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