10 Things I’d Rather Do than Grade Papers

Grading is the worst. Seriously.

People considering teaching as a future career: this is your warning.

Whether it’s essays, penmanship, research projects, or just simple quizzes and tests, here are a few things I’d rather do than grade papers.

1 Sit in traffic

2 Walk in late and be stared at

3 Burpees

4 Wake up before my alarm goes off

5. Stand in line at Walmart

6 Read political rants on Facebook

7 Sit through a staff meeting

8 Read and respond to parent emails

9 Wait at the dentist/doctor

10 File my taxes

What would you rather do than grade?


  1. While I do work in a school, I do not teach. I am the school secretary and I see what teachers do – not only the grading but the everyday paper work that comes your way. So I guess my answer would be – I would rather be a school secretary – didnt even like to write papers for school when I had to!

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