A Whole New World

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This year I have the opportunity to change to teaching fifth grade. What a jump. I did not realize how broad the major “Elementary Education” can be. Teaching fifth graders is definitely a whole new world.

And I absolutely love this new world.

Let me just share a few things that I absolutely love about fifth grade.

  1. It’s a lot more teaching and a lot less training. I mean, they already know how to tie their shoes, and it’s great!
  2. It’s a lot more thinking and a lot less repeating. I get to ask the question “Why?” and get a solid response…most of the time.
  3. It’s a lot more laughing and a lot less crying. Unless they’re happy tears of mine because they make me laugh so much.
  4. It’s a lot more writing and a lot less counting. I get to teach what I’m passionate about: Language Arts. It’s a blast!
  5. It’s a lot more working and a lot less whining. The students get to do independent work in their books, and they actually prefer working like this rather than someone doing it all for them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. 5th grade has its challenges. There are some days where I just don’t know how to explain some difficult concepts any better. There are times when the students talk more than my second graders ever did. There are times when teaching is stressful.

But I know God called me to do this. He called me to second grade. He called me to fifth grade. He called me to teach little hearts and mold little minds. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And one more positive thing about fifth grade: next year, I get my first set of second graders back again.

I love this whole new world, but most of all, I love my students.

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